Port Credit Wedding

This spring/summer has been, well, a little wet…and I think that is pointing out the obvious…so as a wedding photographer I am thrilled when the rain holds out and maybe, just maybe, the clouds give way and let a little sun shine in…and I am soooo very certain that every bride who is counting down sleeps to her wedding day feels the same way…in the end it is what it is…and it’s definitely what you make it!

Maja and Miro were lucky enough to have the skies clear on their day a couple of weekends ago…but realistically this is a couple who’s wedding day could not have been spoiled by anything. They got married at Mississauga City Hall. After a touching ceremony and some photos we went over to the Port Credit for one awesome party.

Thanks a bunch to my wife Helen Huynh for helping me out through the day.

Maja and Miro…congrats a thousand times!


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